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If you shake and stirr Mitch Epstein, Edward Burtynsky, Alec Soth and Joel Sternfeld you end up with a cocktail called Lucas Foglia. Frontcountry is the title of his latest publication published by Nasraeli Press. An oblong journey through cattle country in Wyoming, Texas, New Mexico and Nevada. Some news sources and Google maps stills are topographic references in the back of the book. The publication contains a down to earth introduction written by a cowboy: Olan Clifford Teel from Wells Nevada. Olan found a dynamite cap tin wrapped in a newspaper with 21 ounces of gold inside. he’ll never sell it.

frontcountry cover



Flipping through the pages you feel like playing soccer in the snowfields of Star Valley Braves, see a newborn black and bleeding calf in the snow at Siems Ranch in Merna, Wyoming. You want to meet Dr. Perkes in his office in Afton and run home from school with Alex along the wheatfields in the same town. You stare at the conteminated water produced by Hamilton Dome Oil Field, feel like having a Coors beer at the Eden Saloon or look for a hot air balloon in the tundra around Taos in New Mexico. Flipping the pages make you want to talk to the robust town historian Ron in Auburn Wyoming, meet all the wild kittens at the Wind River reservation in Saint Stephens in the same state. You feel like getting wet under the garden hose, after a birthday party in Jackson and even bring your money at the Happy State bank in Silverton, Texas. Most of all you feel like preventing Adam to kill an innocent cow, lying down gracefully at Mortensen family farm in Afton, not even noticing the shotgun at ten feet distance. And how about learning how to shoot coyotes, balancing on one leg straight on a fence pole, the other leg in a 90 degree angle stretched, boots on, and a rifle in your right hand. Give it a try at Big Spring Ranch, Oasis in Nevada.