The blog theloggingroad presents selections of photobooks according to typology and theme. Self-published photobooks, company photobooks, annual reports and commercial editions are arranged in categories. This blog signals new titles and reflects in both text and (moving) image on the-making-of, on the cultural historical context of photobooks, and on strategies for archiving, editing and selecting. theloggingroad offers an alternative to international juried competitions for  best photobooks. The blog strives to create  a niche in the ‘golden age of photobooks’, if you wish.

The blog founder and editor is Mirelle Thijsen. For more information see: IPhoR

  1. comments and suggestions are welcome!

  2. Thomas Seelig said:

    AUS ANDERER SICHT. Die frühe Berliner Mauer
    Annett Gröschner & Arwed Messmer.
    752 Seiten, Hatje Cantz Verlag
    Hardcover, ISBN 978-3-7757-3207-9

    My one title contribution. TS

    • Thanks much, Thomas.

      Any other suggestion is most welcome.

      All the best, Mirelle

  3. You say Georgina is adopted. She is our natural child. However, I was adopted.

    Jennifer Gladston Butler, author of JamesJenniferGeorgina

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Whenever you are back in the lower countries, we can cash our ‘rain check’, and meet in town. Let me know how you are, what (photography) projects you are involved in. I really would like you to look at the database/ An Anthology: Photobooks on Found Photographs, it is a niche in the history writing on photobooks, and I now look for a publisher/ maecenas/ patron to make a book. See for a preview: Somehow, I think we can complement each other.

      all the best,


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